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[redacted Runner name] and I are off to a great start. Her insight into how to streamline operations for both our doctor onboarding and the business in general has been superb already. She is more than capable with self-directed working as well as digital face-to-face meetings. Thank you for this connection.

Dr. Joy A.

You. Are. Fast! I didn't expect you to have someone so quickly. This is a seamless process 🔥

Harold HughesCEO, Bandwagon (customer)

It was great to chat with you. Your interviewing style made me feel I belong. 🙏

potential Runner

I found my current job (that I love!) during Runner's pilot. I was first introduced to WorkFrom by Runner in early 2020, started working as a remote contracted Executive Assistant just a few days later, and switched to full-time employee after 3 months. I'm now a marketing/operations lead for the company.

JessicaWorkFrom (Runner)